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      One, the company development 
      Guangzhou million lighting audio equipment co., LTD., the company over the years by the good faith management, excellent quality, innovative idea, to win the support of many customers, make to my company's rapid development, depends on everyone's support. Our company is a collection development, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises, to implement one-stop shopping, free to provide customers with technical support, can provide customers with free project plan design, lighting, sound design, layout, wiring diagram training use, and so on service, to meet customer demand. Our company have sales network across the country in major cities, has turned towards internationalization gradually in the Middle East, South Korea, the Philippines, India, Thailand and so on national development.
      Second, the company qualification 

       Some products have passed European CE safety certification, the European Union, the most authoritative RoHS mandatory environmental protection certification, the domestic market to use the product inspection report, product certificate, etc 
      Honor in the company

       $2012 enterprise is hc360 (GuangHuo netvigator) professional recommendation for famous enterprises, in December 2013 hc360 recommended for high quality suppliers, 2014 by alibaba member (credit) for the financial institutions 
      Fourth, scope of business 
      Our company have sales network across the country in major cities, often meet government projects in the domestic market, multi-function hall, large stage, large dance halls, bars, slow rock, hotel wedding stage lighting design, installation, debugging, light use of technical training and other services. 

       Five, the enterprise culture
      (1) careful management, forge ahead, sincere together, seize every minute 
      (2) simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship, unity and enterprising work attitude, blame the team spirit 

       (3) to develop today, grasp tomorrow, Took now, and touch in the future

      Qualification certificate
      实力通天报2018年 定结县| 宜昌市| 祁东县| 万荣县| 山阴县| 安新县| 齐河县| 南溪县| 同心县| 浏阳市| 凤阳县| 永年县| 钦州市| 乳山市| 修文县| 大洼县| 安溪县| 定西市| 加查县| 汉中市| 昭平县| 阿坝| 大姚县| 蒙城县| 云南省| 贵南县| 赣榆县| 东兰县| 会同县| 宜章县| 邹平县| 卢龙县| 林芝县| 宜宾市| 邹城市| 济源市| 廊坊市| 新兴县| 辛集市| 阳新县| 沾化县| http://www.086online.top http://baidu.60elmn.top http://china.sinaukmf.pw http://v.f1dde7.top http://www.jin32.cn http://m5.qgxrau.top